Hello and welcome.   My name is Jeff Wedman and I am the United Conservative candidate in St Albert.

As I came to the decision to run for the position of MLA, I knew I had to be able to explain who I was, what I believe, and why I was running for office.

Who am I?

Before anything else, I am a father to two wonderful boys, and husband to an amazing and ever patient wife.  I am a born and raised Albertan.  My entire adult life has been spent in serving the public, first as a member of the Canadian Forces and then as a front-line Police Officer.  I am a proud resident of St Albert and have no regrets about choosing this wonderful community to be where Sheri and I raised our family.

What do I believe?

I am a committed believer that free enterprise lifts all of society to ever increasing levels of prosperity.  I believe that government should not make a habit of living on borrowed money, but should spend within their means.  I believe that government has a role in ensuring equality of opportunity for everyone, but that attempting to mandate equality of results is a recipe for disaster.  I feel that we are strongest as a society when we work together in unison, but ultimately each person has the inalienable right to chart their own path.

Why am I running?

I have found public service to be a lifelong calling.  Continuing forward as an elected member of the government feels like a logical progression of my service.  I believe my previous careers have given me exceptional leadership, critical thinking and communication skills.    My life experience is well rounded, I have an empathy that comes from having known life’s highs as well as suffering great personal loss.

After getting to know me, I hope that you see fit to lend me your vote.  In return I pledge:

  • I will be open to listen to anyone who wishes to be heard.
  • I will provide an honest accounting of the reasons behind the decisions I make and the positions I take.
  • I will put the overall welfare of the people of St Albert and the all Albertans before any private consideration of my own.
  • I will maintain a sense of humor and perspective. Humility is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with the community you help to govern.
  • I won’t make promises that I don’t have the ability or actual intention of keeping.

Thank-you for visiting.  In the rest of the website I go into greater detail, so please take the time to explore more.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.